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Checkbox Systems


HSOneThe HSOne is the perfect solution for smaller venues - cafés, coffee shops, bed & breakfasts, restaurants and clubs that want the control and branding that CheckBox provides, but don't need repeaters or credit card functionality. The HSOne is also ideal for libraries, doctor's office waiting rooms, automotive service center waiting rooms, laundromats and more. And with a suggested retail of only $199 it won't break the budget and is an easy amenity to provide for your guests.

The HSOne has the same splash page, client usage policy and all of the other features of the other CheckBox units, along with a built in 802.11G/B access point. And in addition to serving wireless clients, it has four Ethernet ports which can serve wired devices as well.

Download the HSOne product sheet

All CheckBox Systems are configured and ready to go out-of-the-box. Unpack, connect to power, plug into your internet connection & you are ready to go!